Upload photos to your blog's media library.

No longer go through all the wasted time and hassle of getting the photos from your phone to your computer then uploading them to your blog then adding them individually to your post.

Now when you sit down to write you can focus on what's important - writing.

Check out our How-To video.

Rename/Resize Individual Photos

  • Rename the file for SEO purposes or just because you want the image filename to be descriptive.

  • Set the photo width or hight. The photos will be resized to this before they are uploaded.

Email Photo Embed Codes

  • Email yourself the image embed codes.

  • Just copy the embed codes from the email and paste them into the HTML view of your blog editor. You photos will be added to your post as easily and quickly as that.

Multiple Blogs

  • As many blogs as you want on the same blogging platform or on different blogging platforms.

  • Don't see your blogging platform? Check to see if it supports the MetaWeblog API. Almost all do.

Uploaded History

  • See waht you have uploaded previously.

  • Select them and email yourself the embed codes again.

Default Photo Resize

  • Set a default file size so all the photos you upload will be resized to this. This will save server space and make uploading quicker.

Background Uploading

  • Your photos will get uploaded in the background so you don't have to waste time watching them upload.